In the myths this is also one very trustworthy thing about Loki. Don’t mess with his family, his rage will rip apart the entire fucking cosmos and he won’t have a fuck to give.


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For those who don’t know

I’m in the national Guard.

I leave for Basic training on the 21st of january for nine weeks I love you are

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I want a clock like this

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He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and can see the turn of the universe. And... He's wonderful.

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Love Will Take My Everything// Castiel and Arel’s Wedding



Arel smiled softly and held Castiel’s hand in hers listening to the holy man speak. She nodded a bit to herself and the holy man once she was asked a very silly question.

'I do.'

Arel smiled softly at Castiel giving his hand a loving and gentle squeeze as she waited for the next set of things to do.

The holy man gave them both a warm and gentle smile before he turned to the congregation.

"Now at this time Castiel and Arel will say their wedding vows," He told them. "I believe they have both chosen to personalize them, correct?"

Castiel nodded for himself. Knowing what he was going to say even though he half feared losing the words in this moment as everything was just so breathtaking.   

Arel nodded to him and smiled softly at castiel. She bit her lip slightly nervous about how she was going to say it having always been bad with words. She looked at Castiel waiting for him to say his vows so she could say hers.

((Nine and ally)) It takes two to Tango


While they had been laying there, the beach had filled slowly around them with people. Families, teens, old men and women in wide brimmed hats who hid in the shade of multicolored umbrellas, children who laughed and played in the water. The sounds of the crowd were a murmur with the rush of the surf, and seemed to be as flowing and oddly comforting.

Of course, it could only stay serene here for so long. Two kids, no more than six years of age, had been kicking a ball around between them off to the right of the Doctor and Ally’s little picnic, and when the girl gave a particularly swift kick it bounced right between them, splattering Ally with sand, and causing the Doctor to exclaim, with a fair amount of laughter, “Oi! Tyke ya might want ta keep this under better control,” tossing the ball back to them.

Turning back to Ally he grinned, and gave an attempt at brushing the sand from her backside, finding it stuck to the lotion he’d spread before. 

Aleksandra laughed a bit and smiled  looking at the kids shaking her head. She looked at him and rolled onto The doctor and kissed him, ‘It’s okay love, I’ll take a shower later.’

She ran her fingers over his arm and then laced their fingers together with his, ’ Are you enjoying yourself?’ she asked him before she gave him another kiss to his lips.

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School’s out


It took real effort not to react when Ally’s sister reacted with instant joy rather than the concern he’d expected. That was…refreshing. He’d seen so many humans make such a fuss over surprises like this specific one. Of course, most of that had been idle watching of shows on the tele. Hmm. they apparently had that bit wrong then!

He grinned full out then, half relief and half actual happiness to meet a relative of Ally’s - as long as she was happy to meet him as well of course. “Pleasure ta meet the one that raised my little soldier,” he chuckled, clasping her hand in both of his and giving it a shake. “An you’ve done a good job of it too, from what I know of her. Ally’s incredible.” He looked to her with pride, tucking a stray piece of flyaway hair behind her ear.

Jackie nodded to him, ‘Well I did the best I could with what I could do.’ She kissed Aleksandra’s forehead. ‘After all she’s my baby sister.’ She looked at him and smiled a bit,’ Thank you for bringing her back… I don’t mean just last time… I mean this time too.. I could tell she wasn’t herself when she came back…’

Ally hugged Jackie smiling a bit. Jackie ruffled her hair, ’ Now she may not fully be herself again but At least she’s happy and isn’t alone and that makes me so happy.’

Two little ones came running up, ‘AUNTIE!’ They tackled her at the same time.

Ally laughed and hugged them, ’ Nikolai, Katherine!’ She kissed their forehead. ’ You both have grown so much!’ Katherine grinned happily, ’ Auntie Auntie! Guess what I learned to make in Science today?!’ Ally laughed more, ‘What kitty?’ Kitty grinned and held out a small Tesla coil, ‘Its a Tesla Coil!’

Nikolai grinned, ’ And my teacher wants to put me in Geometry!’ Both seemed so happy. Ally chuckled, ‘well I’ve got some news for you both… You’re going to be older cousins…’ Kitty gasped wide eyed, ’ Auntie! You’re having a baby!?’ 

Ally nodded, ‘mhm!’ Nikolai looked at her, ‘whose the daddy? I need to make sure he’s good enough! No one can have auntie without MY say so!’ He said. The 10 year old Sticking his chest out. Ally laughed and pointed at the doctor, ’ He’s right there. Now be nice Nikolai Auntie loves him VERY much.’

Nikolai looked at the man walked around him then looked at him nodding, ’ I approve. He stands strong. I like him.’ He looked at the doctor, ‘You take good care of Auntie uncle or I’ll find you .’


A slight smile crossed his face. He had forgotten what her cries did to him. How damned good they were to hear, like music breaking through a terrible silence. 

And in that moment he knew she was close.

His fingers went a little lower, leaving her clit and teasing her entrance as he softly blew warm air to her skin, breathing in her scent once more as he just couldn’t get enough of her.

A meeting of eyes, blue  locking onto sea green, was her only warning before his tounge reached foreward, licking at her clit before he started to suck. Two of his fingers pushed into her warm wet heat, looking for that spot he knew would have her arching into his mouth in more ways then one. 

Arel moaned and move as he touched her teasing her higher. Her eyes closed then they slammed shut again as she felt his tongue on her clit his fingers moving in and out of her feircely. she arched and cried out to him.

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